Thursday, December 1, 2016

San Mateo Adult School Citizenship Classes (TIFFANY -- 7/7, 7/12, 7/14, 7/19, 7/21)

Tiffany Tam
7/7, 7/12, 7/14, 7/19, 7/21: 12:30 to 3:30 pm
San Mateo Adult School
Beatrice Dee

Recap: Over the last 5 sessions, every individual I have worked with has made a marked improvement in the 100 questions. On the interview she understood the definitions of terms more which I was really glad to see. We spent some time figuring out the difference between oath and allegiance. With the help of google translate, she understood more of the questions and I think she learned faster. 

I'm often exhausted after these sessions and this time was no different. I think it's because I care about their progress. Like any other person, I like instant gratification and progress. Unfortunately, I do not see that often in seniors. However when I do see improvement I am glad I made an impact on their learning and it makes all the energy I put into this worth it. 

I feel like adult education is something that really matters. It's encouraging to see that no one in this class is giving up. They show up every class and learn. Even though it gets repetitive and they are frustrated as well they are determined to pass this test and become a citizen. Prior to this point, I've never thought how lucky I am to be a US citizen by birth. 

I feel my compassion has grown and I am now able to form connections with people I normally would not have even talked to. This community is also a very strong and vibrant one. The classroom I work in has a convivial and friendly atmosphere.

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