Monday, July 10, 2017

Ashiana orphanage volunteering, July 23, 25, 26, 27, 2016 (ATREYA)

Atreya Iyer
Juy 23, 25, 26, 27, 2016, 11am - 3pm
Ashi Haryana
Dr. Vibha Taluja
Supervisor contact info: +91 98159094331;
I taught computer skills at the Ashi Haryana orphanage in India during the summer before my junior year.

One of my preconceptions was that the children would be unwilling to learn, but luckily I was blessed with classes of students - some of whom were my age or older - who looked forward to learning every day. I initially believed that the children I would be teaching would be much less skilled at using the computer - that I would have to teach them how to type, how to use the mouse, but luckily, they were in their third week of computer lessons already. This actually made my work slightly more difficult because it meant I had to develop a more formal lesson plan. Additionally, I assumed that they would be much less proficient in English, and that I would have to teach them in Hindi, which is a language I am not comfortable in, but the children had been taking English classes for years.

During my first four lessons, I taught the students - in 2 two hour classes of about 18 students each per day - basic computer hardware, OS installation, basic binary, and more advanced binary. I decided to teach hardware to introduce students to the actual physical computer, and so they could be able to fix problems with computers or at least identify how a computer is malfunctioning. OS installation is a necessary skill when setting up a new computer, and I decided to teach binary not because it would necessarily help them with computers themselves, but because it would help to hone the students’ mathematical skills and introduce them to thinking like a programmer, as computer programming is a skill that would hopefully carry the students far in life.

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